Top 8 Proven Ways To Beat Fibro Fog

One of the most frustrating symptoms of fibromyalgia is cognitive difficulty or commonly the “fibro fog.” Most patients do agree that this condition is an utterly debilitating experience that affects them both health-wise and psychologically.

There are a couple of ways that fibro fog manifests itself. Some of the common signs include temporary memory loss, inability to focus, having trouble sleeping, misplacing objects, inability to hold a long conversation, fatigue, and depression.

Several suggestions on how to beat fibro fog have been made. The severity of fibro symptoms have necessitated extensive research on the best ways to eradicate it. Below are ways which can help improve this condition:

1. Indulge in simple exercise to boost memory

man describing how to do neurobics

Low impact exercises have been found to help boost memory. Studies show that simple exercise like taking a walk often increases the relative size of the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for memory) over time hence boosting your memory. This can also be attributed to the fact that exercise improves blood flow in the brain and the rest of the body. As a result, the cognitive part of the brain gets rejuvenated thus improving the overall cognitive ability. Exercise has also been associated with improved sleep for people suffering from the fibro fog.

2. Watch your diet

preparing a paleohacks chicken curry

The brain, like any other organ, uses nutrients for its activities. A good balance of the nutrients will yield optimal brain performance. A variety of foods ranging from processed, refined, organic to inorganic are common in the market nowadays. Reality check reveals that the natural organic types are the best sources of nutrients to the body as well as the brain. Going natural ensures good nutrition to the brain and thus cognitive ability. The paleohacks style can be a good option for an individual facing the brain fog.

3. Avoid caffeine

preparing decaf coffee

Though some people prefer a caffeinated beverage to clear their brain fog, it can be a disaster for individuals trying to completely do way with the problem. Well, for some few minutes or so, the caffeine can temporarily restore your cognition but later on, getting a good sleep becomes a challenge – a factor that contributes to fibro fog itself! In short, victims should opt for other pleasant means of improving their cognitive ability without triggering the same condition.

4. Establish a regular routine

The problems of memory loss and distraction can be greatly improved by following an organized routine. Establishing a simple plan for your daily activities familiarizes your brain with the environment enabling it to record most of the events coherently. In case the fog creeps in, the patient can recall things by relating them with his or her routine.This way the victim can easily overcome the challenge of misplacing things and forgetting vital information.

5. Avoid multi-tasking

man performing multiple tasks at a time

Concentration is a major challenge for the fibro fog victims. The situation can even worse off if he or she is subjected to different activities at the same time. The brain gets overworked and disoriented and that is how confusion gets in increasing the impacts of the symptoms. By carrying out a task at a time, focus and concentration are significantly improved. Victims should, therefore, practice doing things in a straightforward and organized way.

6. Keep away from stress

Stress has its own way of manifesting itself. This coupled with brain fog may lead to a more nasty condition. The symptoms of fibro fog are greatly aggravated by stress. For patients with brain fog, stress may lead to severe cases of memory loss, lack of focus, distraction, poor sleep, fatigue and even depression. It is therefore advisable to keep off stress-related conditions or activities.

7. Get enough sleep

In as much as a good sleep might be a challenge, getting it enough is one of the best ways of fighting fibro fog. Normally, patients start their day exhausted and less active due to sleeping disorders. In cases where the patients get little time to sleep, the fibro fog signs tend to worsen. This is because the brain is not allowed enough time to rest and get revitalized. Rest is paramount for individuals with the fibromyalgia. Sleeping is the best way to achieve this.

8. Herbal supplements to improve memory and focus

people using bacopa monieri to avoid memory loss

There are some herbal supplements that can boost brain power. Herbs have been widely used to improve brain performance for quite a long time even in the ancient periods. Nowadays, specific supplements have been made for specific conditions. For instance, Bacopa monieri is used to help repair damaged brain cells and improve nerve impulse transmission within the brain. As a consequence, mental clarity and memory are vastly boosted.

4 Ways To Fix Fatigue

If you are overworked, not getting enough sleep or hydration your body properly, you may suffer from fatigue. Symptoms of fatigue include tiredness or sleepiness, headaches, muscle aches, and dizziness. Fatigue can even cause weight loss, irritability, fever, vomiting, and depression. There are some simple ways to fix fatigue.


It is very important to get the right amount of sleep. It is recommended you sleep 6-8 hours a day. Even if you can only get five hours of sleep a day, the key is to make it good, quality sleep. Try going to bed early and at the same time every day. The body craves routine and benefits from it. If your schedule allows it, take a 1-2 hour nap in the middle of the day.

Girl taking a 30 minutes nap

Naps are proven to rest your mind and body more than night sleep and are the best way to combat fatigue. Something as simple as closing your eyes and clearing your mind for 15 minutes can relax and boost your brain leaving you feeling rested and ready for the next task at hand.

Remember, where the brain goes, the body usually follows so get the right amount of sleep and fatigue will be something of the past.


fresh juice to boost health

Eating and drinking habits have a lot do with fatigue. If you are not eating and rehydrating properly, fatigue is your body’s way of telling you just that. Be sure to eat at least three full meals a day and to drink plenty of water. Fish oil and omega-3 are the perfect addition to your diet. Juicing can be a cure for fatigue as well.

Juicing provides the body with important minerals and nutrients it needs like potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. Juicing extracts all the natural sugars from fruits, so when vegetables like kale or broccoli are added in, their flavor will blend perfectly and not overpower the drink. Juicing is 100% natural and has the additional benefit of allowing the body to detox itself. Recommended ingredients that aid in detoxifying the body are lemons, cranberries, and ginger.

You can fix fatigue by juicing your favorite fruits and veggies and you can take them on the go.


Exercise is a proven fix for fatigue. During exercise, the brain releases endorphins which relieve pain and induce a feeling of happiness and pleasure. It is not easy to get on an elliptical machine or go for a run when one suffers from fatigue or has worked the entire day, but the effort is well rewarded by those endorphins at the end. If you put in a bit of effort and create an exercise routine, no matter how small, your body will be revitalized, and the fatigue will surely disappear.

girl stretching muscles in the morning

Stretching in the mornings, walking around the block at night, yoga, and Pilates, are all great ways to commence an exercise routine. Not only can you fix fatigue with exercise, you can also get a toned, healthier body.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

vodka drink is bad for overall health

Products like caffeine and alcohol are connected to fatigue. Beverages such as tea and soda products require a lot from the body to break them down and flush them out. The added stress that alcohol and caffeine give your liver and kidneys are directly tied to fatigue. The human body is perfectly designed to work uniformly, so when a few organs are struggling, other organs can be distressed as well. Reducing alcohol consumption is a sure way to relieve and fix fatigue.

Fatigue is a symptom of many common illnesses. Know when to visit a doctor if your fatigue persists, after trying these ways to fix fatigue.

What To Eat- Are we making the right choice?

Eating right is a personal choice and there are many reasons that any person should get this right. The choice of our daily food has great effect on our health. There are many debates going on as to whether we should eat what is good to the taste or we should concentrate more on health aspects. What a person eats depends greatly on his long term goals of his entire life. If we want to live long and at the same time be healthy, the choice is pretty simple- we have to choose the paleo way!

When we are most of the time lured by ready made food, we should understand that they are likely to cause much harm to our body. The essence of any food is on how close it is to its real form. We have to make sure that what we are eating are real food not any chemical derivative of the mentioned food item.

In a way, any food is more beneficial to our body when it is free from any additives or preservatives. The better decorated packages are thus not necessarily the best ones. We have to be very careful when we are doing our groceries. We need to spend our money on food that sustains our body and not on those that cause our body to get diseased.

Our first article would be on the optimal liver functioning and right diet. We will soon be publishing more amazing articles different diet choices.